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Louis Tours Special

Each year, we search for the best motorbiking regions in Europe for our Tours Special. In addition to some great pictures, we also team up with our partners to bring you seven touring suggestions, so that you can discover for yourself everything that excited us. We wish you lots of fun and some superb biking experiences.

Tours Special 2014 - Tours in the mountains

Riding in the mountains is the king of all disciplines for motorbike tourers. Nowhere else can the riding dynamics of a motorcycle be experienced with more intensity, nowhere else are the riding challenges bigger and the scenic experience more spectacular. Therefore, for this tours special we have put together seven superb mountain tours in the Alps and the Pyrenees.
Opener 1 2014
Opener 2 2014
Opener 3 2014

Tours Special 2013 - Europe’s most beautiful routes

Europe is simply a wonderful continent: Because it offers (motorcycle) tourists endless diversity. From the North Cape to Sicily, it is just teeming with dream destinations for a wide range of requirements and preferences. For 2013, we have chosen some of the most beautiful and invite you to join us.
Opener 1 2013
Opener 2 2013
Opener 3 2013

Tours Special 2012 - Germany at its most beautiful

For the Touring Tips 2012, we explored biking routes in Germany. And, once again, we discovered that our country, situated between the North Sea and the Alps, offers amazing landscapes and fantastic motorbiking regions.
Opener 1 2012
Opener 2 2012
Opener 3 2012

Tours Special 2011 - Trentino/Dolomites

In 2011 we set off once again to the Alps for you. After all, this region in the heart of Europe should feature in every biker’s road book of life. It offers a unique variety of panoramas and ever-changing scenery that is hard to match anywhere else in Europe.
Opener 1 2011
Opener 2 2011
Opener 3 2011

Tours Special 2010 - Alps

In 2010 we toured the paradise of the Alps for you – this amazing mountain range with its wild beauty, rugged rock formations, Alpine meadows awash with flowers, dark fairytale forests and turquoise mountain lakes.
Opener 1 2010
Opener 2 2010
Opener 3 2010