Produktbewertung für Castrol Power1 Racing 4T Motorenöl HC-Synthese, 10W-50

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Fine oil if you can get it during a rebate

Erstellt am 26.10.2015 18:26 Uhr

I used this oil throughout the summer. I took a few trips on it, and generally putzed around town for a few months.

Gear changes were smooth, engine temps were fine, and I experienced no problems to speak of. (The only definitive way to see how good an oil is, though, is to send a sample of it in to a lab and have it analysed - which incidentally costs about as much as just buying a 4L jug of fully synthetic 10W-50 oil...) Basically, I have no complaints about this oil, other than Castrol's not getting back to me about what oil group (III, IV or V) the base stock belongs to.

Still, you can get a 4L jug of Motul or Mobil fully synthetic oil (delivered to your door for free) for considerably less that the 70€ that this oil now costs. If you absolutely must have Castrol Power 1 Racing 10W-50 in your bike (which is doubtful), I would recommend to wait until this oil is discounted again down to 45€ (as it is occasionally) - and then buy 2 jugs!

Bewertung: 4 von 5

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