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An Excellent Modular Helmet

Bought this at a steal. What I like about it: 1. Rather quiet. I usually ride with ear plugs and it's really snug and quiet even when I cruised at 100-120km/h. With the air vents open, there's some wind noise (without ear plugs) but none too bad. 2. Left the peak on while riding on normal roads. Didn't have to remove it as it wasn't affected by strong winds (I didn't feel like I was going to be blown off). Works great for street conditions. 3. It has all the features I need - sun visor (perfect shade that's not too light and not too dark like other visors), peak and modularity. 4. Air flow is awesome! 5. Interior cushion is really plush and comfy. Issues I have with it 1. The only issue was its weight (and I even bought the carbon fibre light nomad version) However, this is my first modular helmet so I don't have other helmets to compare it to. But after riding with it 1-2 times, I got used to the weight pretty fast with no neck fatigue. Would use it for touring. Nexx is a great company, and based on my experience with this helmet, it's a definite buy for me.

Erstellt am: 27.05.2020
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