Produktbewertung für Blinkrelais elektrisch 6V, 3-polig, JMP

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First relay i ordered did not work. Relay just made a continues clicking sound in 1 piece and not the click-click that it supposed to do.
Ordered 2 relays a few days later, 1 that i could use and 1 in spare if one was damaged.
So 17,99€ down the drain!

Dear customer,

we are sorry that the relais was faulty, please send it back to us for refunding.

With best regards
Your Louis-team

Erstellt am: 13.07.2019
Kaufdatum: 02.07.2019

Blinkrelais CB 50

Perfekt, funktioniert, besser als Erstausrüstung.

Erstellt am: 31.01.2019
Kaufdatum: 16.01.2019
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