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I'm EXTREMELY disappointed right now since I was expecting something much better from a design standpoint, you see, the right case comes in contact with the exhaust no matter what and as a result the lower part of the side case gets burnt resulting in melted plastic ! This is INEXCUSABLE from a company like Sw-motech taking also into account that these are not exactly cheap as a product and that the SLC side-carriers (which the side bags Mount on) are bike specific ! How could they (Sw-motech) not see/take notice of this problem ? The manual says that the bags should should be 5 cm at the very least from any hot surfaces - which is pretty much impossible since the SLC side -carriers can only be.mounted 1 way (i.e : it's impossible to mount them the wrong way) meaning, the (right) bag/case can only be mounted in one (specific) way, THIS IS A DESIGN FAULT and shows how little thought Sw-motech put into this, again, this is INEXCUSABLE !
Also :
- My bike's exhaust system is the default /OEM one so it's not because of a user generated problem due to a different type of aftermarket exhaust.
-My suspensions are always set right depending on bike load (i.e : 1up riding/2up riding etc).

Thank God I did a trial run of these and didn't use them untested on my upcoming long distance trip 'cause I'd don't even want to think what would have happened...
After a a small 2 hour trip my right bag has already scorch marks ! Imagine now being stuck in traffic with the engine getting hot (and therefore the exhaust getting hot also), I'm pretty sure that they'd burn a hole through the side case/bag...again , this is INEXCUSABLE ! Has Sw-motech actually tried these on a 2014-2015 M1200S ? There's absolutely no way for the right case not to make contact with the exhaust ! There's another review (which unfortunately I just saw otherwise I wouldn't have bought the bags) on sw-motech's site which mentions the same exact problem for the 2014-2015 M1200, how and why Sw-motech hasn't fixed this yet?
Again, I'm EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED since I spent almost 300 euros just for the bags for an upcoming Euro-trip and after a small trial run my right bag is already burnt ! Who's to guarantee me that after a 4-5 hour trip the bag won't get burnt completely ? THIS IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS from a safety standpoint ! How and why are they still selling these for the 2014-2015 M1200 ?
I bought them solely on good faith since Sw-motech is (supposedly) a good brand but...never again.
Fun fact : the SLC side carriers which I also bought...they had 1 wrong screw in the package resulting in me searching my whole town for a day trying to find this specific type of screw.
I'm going to be filing a complain and asking either for a refund or an immediate exchange of the product from Louis.

Dear customer,

we are quite sorry that the bags did not fit at your model. Please send our complaint department good photo and tell us exactly what bike / modelyear you own, we will look for a solution then.

Best regards
Your Louis team

Erstellt am: 07.08.2021
Kaufdatum: 14.07.2021

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Toller Koffer. Passt und sitzt fest im Träger.
Auch für das Baujahr 2020 geeignet. Mich beirren lassen von Datenbank für die Rebel, die nur bis 2019 geht. Die Änderungen am Motorrad betreffen Licht, Blinker.

Erstellt am: 21.10.2020
Kaufdatum: 13.10.2020

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Gute Passform, leicht am Träger zu befestigen. Die Reissverschlüsse sind gegen Schmutz etwas anfällig. Die Innentaschen sind absolut Wasserdicht.

Erstellt am: 21.08.2020
Kaufdatum: 04.06.2019

Sehr gute Seitenboxen

Schauen gut aus, sind einfach zu bedienen und anzubringen, sind leicht, bieten genug Stauraum. Laut Anleitung nur bis 130 km/h geeignet - haben aber an der Speed Twin schon problemlos >160 km/h ausgehalten ;-)
Leider nicht wasserdicht, beigelegte wasserdichte Innentaschen sind nur behelfsweise nützlich. Öffnungsbegrenzer gewöhnungsbedürftig. Insgesamt aber ein sehr gutes und empfehlenswertes Produkt.

Erstellt am: 04.08.2020
Kaufdatum: 27.07.2020

Schöne Koffer

Passen exakt in den Träger und sind wasserdicht.

Erstellt am: 02.05.2020
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so ich war nun 2 Wochen im Motorradurlaub Frankreich/Schweiz/Italien mit den SW-Motech Urban ABS Seitenkoffer für SLC Seitenträger.

Stauraum ist okay, leider sind sie nicht Wasserfest bzw. die Innentaschen Wasserdicht. Wir sind in Frankreich (Vogesen) In einen Schauer mit Nebel geraten. Am nächsten Tag in der Schweiz musste ich alles Trocknen! Meine Kleidungsstücke die in den "Wasserdichten" Innentaschen waren, mussten getrocknet werden. Alles war klamm und in den Innentaschen sah man lauter Tropfen.


Hallo Andy,

wir bedauern das Problem, bitte senden Sie uns die undichten Innentaschen zur Überprüfung ein.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Ihr Louis Einkaufsteam

Erstellt am: 20.10.2019
Kaufdatum: 05.09.2019
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